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Leadership Development

Effective leadership development is targeted and aligned with organizational objectives and values. Ideally, a framework for leadership development initiatives is built with individual, team, and organizational interests as the foundation.

Effective Leadership Development

Leadership development can take on many forms. Unfortunately stand alone training is typically where most organizations go first and consistently. Research shows that training alone will seldom create sustainable, impactful change in leaders or those aspiring to be leaders.

Best practices show that combining training with experiential opportunities increases the sustainability and application of the skills learned or reviewed. As a result, effective leadership development includes some of the following:

  • Support from their immediate leader
  • An individual development plan focused on the utilization of their strengths
  • A leadership plan that will help manage their weaknesses
  • Targeted learning opportunities focused on specific key areas
  • Team sessions to build leader and overall team skills and capabilities
  • An accountability partner to help face challenges and celebrate successes.
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Leadership Development Services

ElliotSmith, LLC will help you identify needs and build a framework from which to implement a successful leadership development approach. They also will assist with the implementation of the framework as needed.

Contact us today to learn more about how ElliotSmith, LLC can assist your organization with the leadership development opportunities mentioned above and more.

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